16 Valid Reasons To Start Yoga In The Quarantine Period

1-One of the most important benefits of yoga is strengthening the immune system!
2- Another secret of protection from viruses: Quality and regular sleep.
3-It protects the spine order.
4-It increases the heart rate and reduces the risk of heart attack and depression.
5- Does not allow posture disorder
6-It provides excellent flexibility.
7-Regulates blood flow
8-It increases the breath volume in the lungs.
9-Increases the energy level.
10-It shows you the importance of your adrenal glands.
11-May cure hypertension.
12-It also regulates blood sugar.
13-Provides focus.
14-Builds muscle strength.

15-Durable bones:
16-, you can make the quarantine process go without eating your head.

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