First of all, the necessary materials

Rubber buckle
And of course the mirror

Straight cut hair

After you wet your hair, comb it well and collect it on your neck.
Use a rubber buckle when picking your hair.
Make sure that the front of your hair is evenly separated.
The last buckle you wear is the length you cut.
Straighten your hair below the last buckle and carefully cut your hair from the bottom of the buckle.
Then open your hair and pinch it apart to pick up the scissors trail and comb it.
Collect each pinch with a rubber buckle after the process to separate.
Open all the buckles and here’s the result!

Layered haircut

First, soak your hair lightly with water.
Put water in a spray bottle and spray it on your hair. You can do it dry if you want. Doing it while your hair is dry can make it less of a scissor mark.
Then comb your hair thoroughly.
Comb your hair until you are sure there is no confusion anywhere in your hair.
Then throw your hair forward and comb it backwards again.
Gather your hair firmly from where your hair begins and right in the middle of your forehead.
Leave an equal amount of space to the left and right of where you collect it.
Then extend the tail across and adjust the length to cut between your mark and middle finger.
Carefully cut right in front of your fingers.After you have corrected your hair in front again to get the scissors Trail, keep the scissors upright and cut between them.
During this time, be careful not to hold your hair horizontally or you may accidentally shorten your hair.
Then open your hair and dry it.

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