Ray-Ban sunglasses

*The frames of the original Ray-Ban sunglasses are usually made of durable plastic and there is no line on the edge of the frames. The lines on the metal frames should be almost invisible.
*Glasses are usually made of real glass. The list of plastic glass models can be found at Ray-Ban’s own site.
*In the upper right corner of the right window should be the Ray-Ban logo. It should be etched onto the surface of the lens and should not be erased.
*On the outside of the handles of the glasses should be the name of the brand. Usually the left handle contains the serial number of the product and the right handle contains the name of the country of origin.

Burberry shawls

*The original product always has clear lines and a dense texture. The fringe threads on the original shawls should be tightly twisted and split between themselves. So when you touch them, they shouldn’t unravel.
*The name of the brand must be written in capital letters on the label attached to the product. The label must also contain information about the country of origin and the materials on which the shawl is made.

Supreme sweatshirts

*The original products have dark red labels on the sides and sides. The big label has the name of the brand and the ®mark. The other label indicates that the country of origin is Canada. *The internal label with the washing and maintenance instructions says that the product should not be ironed. In counterfeit products, this warning is often forgotten.
*In sweatshirts with embroidered logos, the distance between the letters in the logo should be equal, the logo should appear clear and clear. When you reverse the original sweatshirts, you can see the white threads on the back of the logo.
*Supreme always uses neatly tied laces from the ends. Round or metal-tipped laces are a sign of a counterfeit product

Michael Kors bags

*Michael Kors prepares a label containing basic information such as the number, color, material and price of the product. This label is always beige.
*All of the original bags have brand engraving. The clip, ring and interlaced hooks that come with the bag all have the same engraving.
*The original bags are packed so as not to be damaged during shipping and are made of durable materials.

New Balance sneakers

*The New Balance logo is abundant on the original sneakers. For example, you can see this logo on the back of the shoe, on the sides, on the tongue, on the sides of the sole, on the soles and on the insole. The N-shaped logo is located on its side and is made in the form of a patch.
*The original sneakers are quite comfortable and have a soft base. The base reverts to its former form shortly after being pressed on it. The part that protects the foot is made of rubber. The insides of the original New Balance sneakers contain a brief description of the model.

Guess wristwatches

*Original guess watches can be made of metal, silicone or genuine leather. Bad smell, bad colouring, cracks, scratches or abrasions on the watch strap are signs of the counterfeit product.
*On the back cover of the Watch should be the brand’s logo, simple information about the watch and the stamp “Japan MOV’t”.

Lacoste outfits

*In the original Lacoste outfits, the brand’s alligator is very elaborate. You should be able to see the crocodile’s eyes, teeth, feet and red mouth. The body of the Yesil should be bright green, and its tail should be parallel to its body.
*On the back of the Polo collar, i.e. inside the outfit, there should be a white label with the crocodile logo. This label shows the body of the suit. Males have single digits and females have double digits.
*Small details could easily handle a fake Lacoste polo. Two-bore mother-of-pearl buttons are used in the original Lacoste outfits. In forgeries, this detail is forgotten and usually four-hole buttons are used.
*Under the men’s polo shirts are small cuts, about 10mm deep. Women are not found in polo shirts.

Levi’s jeans

*The original Levi’s jeans must have a diagonal pattern that looks the same on the front and back of the jeans.
*The back pockets of the original denim must have a 2-seam pattern resembling an eagle’s beak.
*All Levi’s jeans have a leather patch on the back right pocket. This patch has Levi’s logo and denotes the model of the denim. Also on the patch is a picture of the cavalry trying to rip off the jeans.
*The small Levi’s tag on the right back pocket of the trousers is usually red but may differ depending on the model. The label has the name of the brand and sometimes the sign®.
*Authentic buttons always have” Levi Strauss ” relief on the front, and the numbers are stamped on the back. There is also a brand name on the outside of the rivets.

Pandora wristbands

*Pandora uses a different oxidation technique when producing wristbands. In this way, products have their own color. So the color of the original wristbands is pale and shaded.
*The new Pandora wristbands are much more robust than the old ones. They never bend or bend. In addition, you can see the weaving on it when you look closely.
*The buckle size on the original Pandora wristbands is almost identical to the size of the charms. Additionally on the front of the buckle is the author Pandora, and a crown is located above the letter O.
*Inside the buckle of the original wristbands is a fixator that resembles a clover and consists of 4 small screws. His job is to hold the bracelet steady. This fixator also has a brand stamp on it and a value indicating the setting of the bracelet.
*The original charms have the brand’s stamp on them and the name of the material it was produced. Glass charms are not broken, cracked or air bubbles in any way.

Timberland boots

*The base of the original Timberland boots is slightly see-through. The logo and name of the brand must be written on the base. Additionally, the transition between the heel and base is ambiguous and straight.
*The brand’s logo is on the heel side in an outward-facing way. The Logo is clear and upward.
*The boot’s top lace ring resembles a hexagon. Male models have 7 rings and female models have 6 rings.
*The colour of all the seams on the boot is white. If the sutures are close together, they must be parallel.

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