Coco (IMDb: 8,4)

12-year-old Miguel’s biggest hero is the Mexican guitarist Ernesto de la Cruz, who lost his life. One day Miguel finds the famous musician’s guitar. As soon as he starts playing the guitar, he finds himself in the Land of the dead. Hector confronts Miguel, who wants to get out of here, and together they embark on a journey to discover the true story behind Miguel’s family history.

Hachiko: A Dog’s Tale (IMDb 8,1)

Hachi tells a true life story that occurs in Japan. You will also admire Hachi, A dog who has spread from Japan to the world with his loyalty to his master! Professor Parker Wilson finds a famous Japanese-born Akita inu dog at the train station. When he first brings the dog home, the professor’s wife first reacts harshly but Hachi soon endears himself to the whole family. Hachi becomes the Wilson family’s dog while also being the professor’s companion. This is sweet. every day, the dog takes his companion to the train station on his way to work and waits for him in the same place at the time of his return.


Harry Potter has been forced to live for 11 years with his aunt, brother-in-law, whom he has never loved, and the cousin he hates most. Thinking that his parents had died in a car accident, Harry will understand that this is not the case with the events that begin with the letter brought by a white owl. Harry’s witch mother, Lilly Potter, and his sorcerer father, James Potter, were killed by Voldemort when Harry was only a year old. Harry has never applied to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and witchcraft, but upon his acceptance there, he realizes that he is also a sorcerer. There are many dangerous and exciting adventures waiting for him in this mysterious and gigantic school where he will study for seven years.


Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the ring is about the struggle to get rid of the ring that will change the fate of the world. The last of the Rings, which were produced years ago and brought nothing but blood to the land of Middle-Earth, appears hundreds of years after its production. Frodo, unaware of what his uncle entrusted him with the ring, is horrified by the Sorcerer Gandalf. The only way to get rid of this ring and any future battles is to destroy it in order to prevent Sauron, who is trying to gather his strength. A team of self-sacrificing Warriors is formed to take the ring to Mordor, the only place where it can be destroyed. The journey that will be very long and arduous begins. The fate of Middle-Earth lies in the hands of these people.


Bilbo Baggins is a quiet living Hobbit. One day, while smoking his pipe, Gandalf knocks on his door and forcibly takes a date from him. In fact, the purpose of this appointment is to lead Bilbo Baggins on an adventure with 13 dwarves.

Now You See Me

‘Now you See me ‘is the story of the Four Horsemen, a team of the world’s best magicians, led by an extremely charismatic and impressive illusionist named Atlas. The team use their superior magic ingenuity not just for stage shows, but to access the systems of the banks they rob and rob their audience. These men surprise viewers by first robbing a bank on another continent, then transferring a white-collar criminal’s million dollars in the bank into viewers ‘ bank accounts. This is where special FBI agent Dylan, who is determined to stop them, goes after this gang …


Isabelle “Bella” Swan, the beautiful but slovenly, lovable but introverted adolescent girl who lives in Phoenix with her mother, is a teenager who plays rebels against life. Upon her mother’s marriage to another man, Bella moves with her father to the town of Fork, Washington. Edward is a mysterious young man who has lived with his family in his small town for years. In fact, Edward, who” has a very different way of life”, belongs to a family that has long hidden their vampire identity. As strange as he is, his “parents” are “master” vampires who aim to lead a life without drinking human blood or hurting people. Bella, who feels a strange attraction to Edward, whom she met at her new school, is unable to give up on him, although she finds out after a while that Edward is a vampire. A dangerous and passionate relationship will begin between the two. Soon the Cullens family’s enemies will attack Edward’s weak spot, Bella.


In the near future, North America collapsed, weakened by drought and subsequent fires and famines; it was replaced by a country called Panem, consisting of a capital and 12 states. In this new country, “Hunger Games” are held every year, attended by two young people selected by lots from the states. These games, partly for entertainment purposes and partly aimed at intimidating the public, are also watched on television in the entire Panem country. 24 different ‘contestants’ struggle to eliminate and survive while the eyes of all television viewers are on them. When Katniss’s 16-year-old sister Primrose is selected as the ‘female contestant’ of the state famous for its mineral deposits, Katniss volunteers to take her place. With male entrant Peeta, Katniss tries to stand up against their opponents, who are older, stronger in age and strength than themselves, and have been trained for this moment throughout their lifetim

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

The film about fantastic creatures is based on J. K. Rowling’s fantastic encyclopedia book of the same name, which consists of trip notes. Written 70 years before Harry Potter read this book, The Book is about young explorer Newt Scamander’s life with New York’s secret committee of witches and sorcerers. Directed by David Yates, the film is also notable for its star cast. Oscar-winning actor Eddie Redmayne takes on the role of the young explorer, while the cast also includes Ezra Miller, Colin Farell, Katherine Waterston, Zoë Kravitz, Ron Perlman and Jon Voight.

Beauty and the Beast 

The Prince, transformed into a monstrous creature by a spell cast upon him, lives alone in the castle with his henchmen transformed into talking goods, and if no woman falls in love with him in 10 years, he will remain a monster forever. The daughter of an old man she took prisoner for trespassing in her castle agrees to be a prisoner in the castle for her father’s freedom. In time, Belle becomes friends with the things in the castle and with The Beast, learns how good someone lies beneath the monster’s frightening image, and falls into the midst of an unexpected love. Meanwhile, Gaston the hunter, who is in love with Belle, will do anything to kill the Beast and marry Belle.

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