Turn on a relaxing music or podcast.

Mask your face.

If you want to create a natural mask with the ingredients at home, or if you want to apply a mask to your face to suit your skin type.

Let the hot chocolate keep you happy.

The most enjoyable complement to a bath is, of course, hot chocolate! Prepare a cup of hot chocolate and sip it during your bath time.

Light a candle with your favorite scent.

Do not ignore the relaxing effect of smells. There is a smell that makes you feel happy. Strawberry, vanilla or coconut? Get a candle with your scent and burn it.

Read a book.

Get in the tub and pick up a book to rub you in. When you read a book in the bathtub, your skin is wrinkled and you will complete your bath routine!

Care for your hair.

Use natural oils or hair care masks to provide the moisture your hair needs.

After the bath is important!

You pampered yourself with the relaxing effect of water, it is also important after the bath to avoid this effect immediately! Lubricate your body to saturate it with moisture. Then wear a clean, soft textured pyjama. If your bed sheets are clean, you’ll get a great night’s sleep!

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