Solomun’s reputation has already exceeded European borders, as he has worked hard as a DJ, as well as as radio programming and venue ownership throughout his career! It’s almost impossible not to feel the sense of infinity and depth when you get inside their songs. Imagine diving into the clear blue waters, and you are not short of breath, and as you go deeper and the water becomes darker, you become more and more unconscious. This is exactly what Solomun can give you. If you get a chance to listen to their performance, don’t miss it.


They’re both named Adrian, and they both live in Zurich. We can call them Tour monsters. These two Adrians combine dark and retro synth melodies with backgrounds springing from high-rhythm science fiction films, complementing them with romantic-era poetic lyrics and war-drumming percussion.

Bob Moses

Listening to this Canadian duo, you can experience the feeling of renewal and flight at the same time and get lost in the music.

Gui Boratto

Instrumental, soulful, a man who captures you from high up and can find himself close at some point, whether every music lover likes electronic music or not.

Mano Le Tough

I think it’s impossible to describe this man in a single sentence or put his music into a mold. Every minute you experience his music touches a different part of your brain that keeps you alive. You can immerse yourself in this deep music in a way that you don’t know what’s going to happen at any moment. As soon as you ascend, it’s impossible to fall again. The musician, who is Irish, lives in Berlin.

Len Faki


Their names are Kristian Beyer and Frank Wiedemann. The music they make seems both dark and not, because it’s a name that uses digital sounds that capture you and integrate with your pulse, like a beam of light that is soft and healing in the dark with the vocals. When it comes to hard, when it comes to innovative and always experimental. It’s impossible not to discover something new when you’re listening.


Carmine Conte and Matteo Milleri are their original names. Karm was born in Toronto and Matteo in New York, but their paths crossed in Milan. Now they both live in Berlin. They combine new sounds and different styles in their music. They know how to make digital sounds feel at analog temperature. They can come out of constant background stasis and shock listeners with sharp, sudden melodies. It’s futuristic, futuristic, variable, and as if the irregular sharp-Line Geometric Shapes are transformed into sound.


A man who fluctuates dark moods, starts slowly and breaks a man at the heights of this slowness. The living legend who cares about melodies at the same time as rising digital sounds, who uses broad sounds on the dance floor and in the club to fill the gaps between people as if they were air, and who clings to his audience in this way.


He’s completely done with his remixes and productions. He’s an over-talented, maximum soul-creating DJ with minimal voice. It can make you feel like every second is different with constant sounds. It can get you very high in any way, and it’s almost impossible to fall from that point.

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