Tommy Hilfiger produced shoes from apple peel

The upper faces of the women’s and men’s shoe styles, which feature white and navy colours, contain 24% recycled Apple fibre. The integration of apple peel-based fibre into the shoes, which are presented as part of the spring 2020 collection, as an alternative to leather, moves forward Tommy Hilfiger’s journey to create fashion that embraces everything and wastes nothing. The apple peel-fibre shoe styles in the spring 2020 collection are on sale at selected TOMMY HILFIGER stores and chain stores worldwide from mid-February 2020.

Tommy Hilfiger produced shoes from apple peel

The technology to convert Apple bark stems from the Tyrol region, known for apple farming in northern Italy. Seeing the opportunities offered by the Tyrol region’s high apple production, Italian venture Frumat has developed a new raw material that addresses both the waste problem and the fashion industry’s growing demand for ecological leather alternatives.Spring 2020 TOMMY HILFIGER shoe styles typically use a recycled apple peel-based, thick, sturdy fiber with a lower environmental impact than other vegan leather alternatives, which contain a high percentage of fossil-based material.

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