1 – Low Bun

Serious from the front, slabby-looking bun from the back can adapt to any moment of the day while creating a more sporting mood.
1-Cut your hair in half
2-Comb your hair back with the help of your fingers and collect from below with a rubber buckle.
3-Start spinning from the end of your tail and tie a messy knot. Keep your hair tips out of the bun.
4-Secure your mace with wire buckles.

2-Braided Bun (Viking)

The Vikings ‘ unusual clothing and hairstyles managed to become an indispensable style for most people. We’ll see plenty of modern Vikings on the streets this summer as well. The secret of this model is that the braids are thin and very tight. Once you’ve accomplished the Viking braid, you can complete your hair with a messy bun.

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