1-Dior Joy

$ 109
The vivid smile of flowers and citrus fruits, the smooth caress of the forest and an edu de perfume illuminated by Musks. A fragrance with thousands of nuances and aromas, it’s still crystal clear.” Dior JOY expresses extraordinary happiness by offering an interpretation that appeals to the sense of smell of light.

2-Maison Margiela- Replica

$ 110
This unisex fragrance is dominated by coffee, Chestnut and fried vanilla. Even though it suits the cool days, it’s a mix that’s not your signature in the transition season. The combination of pepper, orange blossom leaves, clovechestnut, gaiac tree, cadevanilla, Peruvian balm makes the difference.

3-Parfums de Marly- Kalan

$ 307
Parfums de Marly’s new perfume is captivating from the first moment with its remaining, eye-catching red bottle. Name 17. known for its fast and agile thoroughbred horses in the century, alan Kalan of the famous stable is the 26th of the Parfums de Marly. it also has a high level of fragrance in terms of technique, as it has perfume. The fragrance features a blend of orange, black pepper and spices, with lavender and orange blossom in the middle notes, and sandalwood, amber and tonka bean in the lower notes.

4-Dolce Gabbana The Only One

$ 165
The top notes are; glittering Italian Mandarin, a green Apple chord and golden orange blossom extract, opening to create a bright floral heart note. The dazzling golden orange blossom notes blend with sensual notes of jasmine and are covered with soft, lush coconut essence that gives the scent a warm, sunny air. Cedar and cashmere, combined with smooth, warm dark vanilla notes in the lower notes, enhance the dependence on smell and quality

5-Gucci Mémoire D’une Odeur

$ 93
A new Gucci story explores the power of memories with its scent, bringing them back from the past and enabling them to live in the present. Gucci Mémoire d’une Odeur is a new universal scent of Gucci, unconnected to a certain time or gender. Gucci Mémoire dune Odeur is an elixir that individualizes sex with the Mineral aromatic, a new fragrance family he has developed. The enigmatic and unexpected Roman Daisy is blended with Indian coral jasmine leaves for chivalry, precious musks for depth, sandalwood for warmth and light, the delicacy of a strong cedar tree with deep roots and an irresistible note of vanilla.

6-Mon Guerlain Intense

$ 193
Mon Guerlain Eau de parfum intense scent is a real gem. Basically Mon Guerlain contains extracts of lavender, vanilla, jasmine and sandalwood. But for Mon Guerlain Intense, vanilla is included as a special, addictive, stellar essence to Guerlain.

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