Contagion (2011)

A deadly virus that passes easily through air and breathing and kills people within a few days is spreading in the form of an epidemic. A medical team of experts from around the world tries to find a cure for the outbreak and try to control the state of panic that spreads even faster than the virus in humans. People now struggle both to save their lives and to hold on to the social life that is on the verge of disintegration…

12 Monkeys (1995)

A virus that is dangerous enough to destroy humanity on earth has killed nearly five billion people. The few remaining people are able to live in the shelters they set up underground. In the meantime, people who find a solution to the virus’s extinction can build a time machine where they can travel back in time. For the first test drive, James Cole, an ex-con, volunteers. James finds himself seven years behind in a mental institution. In an environment like a mental hospital, when he tells about his future and his mission, it causes him to be labeled truly mentally ill.

28 Days Later (2002)

A deadly virus has threatened Britain. People caught this virus, spread from infected chimpanzees in a research lab, are in a difficult situation. People who struggle with this work not only to destroy the virus, but also have a big problem with those who have the disease. Many other problems begin to arise when they are moved to the bunker, which is run by soldiers as a remedy. Danny Boyle, the director of the UK film, has done quite a job. Alex Garland, who we know as the author of the novel he also adapted, is the screenwriter of the film.

 Children of Men (2006)

The film, set in a dystopian near future in 2027, has stopped breeding around the world. The death of the youngest human on the planet, who is 18 years old, causes despair all over the world. The film, which raises issues such as the disappearing nature, famine, the transformation of democracies into military systems, the refugee crisis in 2006, received 3 Oscar nominations and a BAFTA for Best Picture.

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