The television series Gossip Girl, which marked an era, was a record-breaking hit. The world-famous Gossip Girl was published between 2007 and 2012. A new version of Gossip Girl, which takes the lives of socialites in New York, will also be shot.

Fans of the series were very keen for Gossip Girl to be re-shot, and eventually the expected came true. The New Gossip Girl will air on HBO Max. Those who were happy with this news were also beginning to wonder who would be on the cast of Gossip Girl, and it became clear.The cast has been announced, although the name of the new version of Gossip Girl, which will be re-shot after an 8-year hiatus, is not yet clear. We have to say that the cast from the original series will no longer be in the cast. This time, the series will focus on the next generation of New York private school students, and will reveal how changes have taken place in the past years. Here are the players…

Eli Brown

Whitney Peak

Jason Gotay

Emily Alyn Lind

Johnathan Fernandez

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