Colour and Moisturise

In school makeup, you can use bright effective colored moisturizers to give your skin both moisture and an internal glow. Its bright-colored moisturiser will work well for a practical and natural look.

Use a concealer that can be applied to the entire face

Considering you’ll be doing your school makeover early in the morning, practical but high-performance skin products will do you a lot of good. If you’re thinking about how to hide imperfections in your skin and get a smooth result the fastest, a concealer that can be applied to your entire face is your saviour.You can hide the darkest circles, spots and acne scars under the eyes with just a concealer.

Sparkle with liquid illuminators

Whatever the season, event, subject and venue, we don’t step into the street without being enlightening! Of course, that goes for our school makeup. Our hands always go to liquid illuminators to get a natural glow during school days.

Voluminous and upturned lashes

In school makeup, if you want to keep your eye makeup light, you can sharpen your gaze with an effective mascara of volume and curl.

A liquid matte lipstick like your own lip

To her choice of lipstick in school makeup: she wants to use a liquid matte lipstick but we want it to be both light and comfortable.

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