The colorful tights, which we can’t be too happy to return to, have entered our lives for the first time since the 1980s. These pieces, which we have seen often in recent times, take on a much more ambitious and modern aesthetic with fun sneakers. And the Eighties keep their fashion alive.


Oversize, that is, the oversized trend is perhaps one of the most beloved of the ‘ 80s. Baggy sweaters, jackets and T-shirts… it’s like everything’s a few sizes too big or we’re wearing our parents ‘ stuff. But it took a while to realize that this is a fashion trend today. Thankfully we did, it is now possible to see oversize pieces on every corner. But we may be exaggerating a bit, we admit. You forgive us ‘ 80s…


One of the productions that took the 80s to the present day is Glow. Glow, aka Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling, chronicles the lives of a group of women, taking the women’s wrestling shows that aired in the 80s to its center. The show is full of neon colors, leggings, tights, stuffed hair, so in short, everything you can see from the ‘ 80s.


Does anyone remember the early 2000s? Low-waist trousers were indispensable to everyone from Hollywood stars to street fashion. But what happened happened a few years ago. Waist lengths slowly began to rise. Now we can say he’s pushing for the top. The high-waist jean has become the most favoured model, with no discernment of trousers and skirts. Moreover, it is now indispensable for both stylish and sporting looks…


The indispensable accessory of the ’80s, waist bag, had become more of a bag that we saw on uncles’ waists since the ‘ 90s. Of course it left a negative and unfashionable perception on all of us, and all the waist bag in the house were shelved. But whatever happened happened, and from last year, waist bag became an accessory that sold out. From transparent ones to neon colors, every variety and every size has become a rare piece of street fashion. Then what, you shouldn’t be talking big about fashion.


Stranger Things, one of the most talked about productions of the last era, is one of the rare new productions that has beamed us into the ‘ 80s. So much so that sometimes it’s hard to believe that the show is being filmed today. Colours, clothes and clever references to the ’80s, hidden in the array, attract those who yearn for the’ 80s. The series, set in 1983, is a homage to the ‘ 80s.


Back in the ‘ 80s, nylon tracksuits were in extreme fashion. We’ve seen the most tracksuits on the streets this year.


It’s a year famous for its ‘ 80s colors. The eyes are colourful… Colorful eye make-up is in fashion in our lives this year..

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