Straight Cut Jean Trousers

Forget Mom jean or skinny jean pants! This model, which Kendall Jenner often uses, also makes a difference as it can be adapted to many different styles.

Leather Trousers

Although some people are intimidated by leather tights and trousers, Pretty star Kendall Jenner, who prefers to wear them at every turn, claims otherwise. Leather tights and pants sports, simple and when it is possible to achieve a combination of quite formal.

Mini-Tight Dress

Kendall’s choice of one-piece style is usually in favor of mini dresses that grip the model’s body. We find Kendall, whose dress taste is retro, often in street-style romantic and sexy-mini dresses.

Mid-Length Shorts

Kendall is a true trend Hunter when combining style elements. She combines the trends she loves of the season with her unique style, revealing an eclectic and original style. The young it-girl not only inspires the fashion world with her cool and hip style, but also heralds future trends with her style that holds the breath of fashion.

Groupie T-shirts

Kenny is reckless in his street style and his saviour becomes groupie T-shirts when he wants to be cool. Printed T-shirts with bands or musicians he loved on them are not only part of Kendall’s style, but also her designer identity. Oversized groupie T-shirts are also one of the most hip parts of Kendall+Kylie, which has clothing brands with its brother.

Oversized Tracks

Kendall, The Muse of Generation Z, is also a pioneer of gender-free fashion. Her choices of Oversized jackets,shirts,sweatshirts and the large cut pieces she stole from the men’s wardrobe not only bear with her reckless demeanour, but also give her style the right to the it-girl title by combining the reigning masculine influence with her femininity.

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