Estee Lauder – Double Wear Maskara Zero Smudge

Estee Lauder wear black mascara permanent, long lashes, zero dispersal. You will also be able to see the carefully separated and undisturbed lashes you see after applying them throughout the day, perfectly separating the lashes from the root to the tip, extending the lashes to the saturated part of the brush and forming a dense coating of pigment.

Lancome- Grandiose Mascara 01 Noir Mirifique

Mascara that provides long, convoluted and voluminous display on lashes. Product content: the first swan neck body design provides an inside-out, Root-to-tip longer, curlier and voluminous appearance with 5 patented brushes, ultra black formula and permanent polymers. Use: position the brush on the lash bottoms. Zig zag the bottoms and pull upwards. Apply from the outer corners and toward the center of the center. Apply by pulling straight at the inner corners and lower lashes.

Diorshow Pump ‘N’ Volume HD Mascara

Instant XXL is the first squeezable mascara from Dior with an effective, improved formula of volume and eyelash replication. Diorshow Pump’n’volume HD delivers the iconic XXL volume effect with a high-clarity make-up finish. In a single squeeze, it gives each lash a high volume, giving the lash line a 94% denser appearance. With the new materials in its contents, the brush is taken in exactly the required amount and does not accumulate on the eyelashes while giving extra volume. Staying power for up to 24 hours.

Better Than Sex Mascara

Designed from Graal to find a far more intensifying mascara, Better than Sex mascara provides extreme volume and an even more extraordinary look from every application. Meet Better Sex Mascara’s mini-size, which can be easily carried in your bag and will accompany you everywhere.A single touch of the collagen-enriched formula is enough to make your lashes extraordinarily plump, prominent and elongate. With two touches, your eyelashes will look softer, curvy and extraordinary. With three touches of intense black and incredible volume, your lashes will benefit from multi-dimensional mascara. Its hourglass-shaped brush allows the formula of this perfect mascara to be easily dispensed with: a mascara that gives you volume that wraps your lashes from Root to tip, and has lash-lifting.

Kush High Volume Mascara

Nourishing hemp seed oil and thickened heart-shaped fibers, as well as voluminous mascara that prevents clumping, containing pure pigments for a dense black finish. KUSH High Volume Mascara’s heart-shaped hairs shape your lashes for a long lasting lasting volume, length and curl.In contrast to cylindrical hairs that resemble the thin and barbed wire appearance of your eyelashes, you can apply them in all directions with your heart shaped brush and give your eyelashes the appearance of length and width. Hemp seed oil gives your lashes an extraordinary fullness and provides ultra volume as if you had double application. Hemp oil from hemp continues to moisturize for healthier-looking lashes, even after removing the mascara.

L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Mascara, Carbon Black

One-touch longer, more prominent, black-looking lashes with a flexible scalloped brush separates the lashes, captures even the shortest lashes, makes it clear with the intensifier formula. Spectacular lashes of carbon black, looking long telescopic at the speed of light.

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