US: Neon Colors

In the US, 2020 is a year in which color will not be limited to just a fraction of the face. Dior International make-up artist Ricky Wilson thinks the eyes are phosphorescent and single colors will be a big trend in the US for years.

Thailand: Stunning Eye Make-Up

In Asia, eye makeup is dominated by vivid colors. Thailand-born celebrity make-up artist Nick Barose, who currently lives in NYC and La, features vivid colors in his eye make-up. A regular contributor to Vogue Thailand, Harper’s Bazaar Thailand and Elle Thailand, and working with many celebrities, Barose frequently tries out different make-up styles.

Australia: Black Eyeliner

Last year seemed like a year when almost everyone started getting a little more creative with their look of eye makeup. and for a while, I’ve been wearing black eyeliner to eye makeup. Janelle Han, a former make-up artist for the MAC brand, says she likes to try out different eyeliner shapes rather than a straight line

UK: Blush

According to London-based make-up artist Mary Greenwell; 2020 is the year when the sweet pink rashes on the cheeks will return more intensely.

Italy: Wild Lipsticks

The make-up artist, who thinks focusing on bold lips will be a big trend throughout the year, stresses that lipstick isn’t just a make-up material, it’s a lifestyle. This is why he says that this year in Italy, especially, striking colors such as blue, green, purple or even Black will Yesil be on trend.

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