1-Applying false foundation

Choose the foundation that suits your skin type and tone. Never apply it in a thick layer, this will show all the wrinkles on your face. Foundation should only make your skin look more vibrant, not cover your skin tone. Before the foundation, you should clean your skin thoroughly and moisturize it. Of course, you should fix your makeup, but you should do this after your foundation has dried and sat on your face.

2- Contours application

Contouring is no longer a trend, but if you don’t want to give up colour equalisation and emphasis, choose the right colour; it should be a darker tone than your skin tone but give it a light shade. Strobing has also lost popularity, but if you want to add a little shine; use a liquid highlighter or a powder product with a very thin structure. And always remember to apply makeup modestly. Yes, bronzers or highlighters are great products but too much use leads to a more artificial appearance

3-Not using Shiny make-up products balanced

Firstly, make-up artists believe that applying glitter products to mature skin is a crime. Glitter products can make you look older than you are. These products can also look quite bad in light, because they reveal your skin imperfections. Alternatively; wait there is no alternative! Just forget about this product.

4-Exaggerated and disproportionate painting of eyebrows

First of all, your eyebrow color should definitely match your hair color and skin tone. Your blonde hair doesn’t look good with black eyebrows or the same blond eyebrows! Modern fashion trends are quite fitting. We no longer have to take our natural eyebrows in a fine line. You just need to get your shape right. Eyebrows determine the mood of your face, so try not to change its shape too much. You should also take care of your eyebrows. You should use special products such as oils, masks and moisturizers. Dry, flaky skin can ruin even perfect brows

5-Use of mascara and eyeliner

Use some of the eyeshadow to keep your eyeliner flowing, or at least apply a thin layer of dust under your eyeliner. If you’re looking for a sharp look, you can cover your eye color with an eye shadow of the same color. The eyeshadow should be very pigmented and the brush should be flat. Do not try to mix the eye shadow, just touch the pigment on the skin. When you need to fix your makeup, you should have an ear cotton or at least cotton. It’s much easier to fix it with a cotton swab. Try to find a balance between eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. If one of the products dominates the others, the final result will rarely look good

6-Watch out for lip

Set your lip lines with lip liner while wearing lipstick. Using lip balms before lipstick, you can make your lipstick look smoother. Lipsticks with a matte or satin structure help you look much better. If you apply a thin layer of lipstick, you are less likely to get infected. After applying your lipstick, lighten your lips with a napkin. It’s better to apply lipsticks with a brush.

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