Drake’s Hotel House

We can’t say that we’re surprised to see that Drake’s home is anything less than extra. While some of us may be familiar with his wall of Hermès Birkin bags, the “God’s Plan” singer has some major interior design moments in a new profile for Architectural Digest.


12 Best Youth Series

In recent years, the series sector has been highly mobile. With the proliferation of digital content platforms offering different alternatives to users, competition in the series sector has risen to the top spot. This is why many new series are being released. Among these serials, which are of great interest to users, the most striking ones are undoubtedly the youth serials. We’ve written the best 12 youth series for you that we’ll never know how time goes when we watch. Here are fun youth sequences from each other…


How To Cut Fringe At Home?

It is not a good idea to cut a fringe at home by yourself. Generally, if you cannot give up the most difficult cut type, but now they have become shapeless, you can deal with it. Experts share some methods to cut fringe at home. You can achieve success if you apply it calmly and carefully. Maybe you will master this job and you will not have to go to beauty salons once a month!


14 Discovery Stories Of Supermodel

In the fashion world, we all know that models are as promised as designers. We searched for 14 supermodels that have witnessed the iconic moments and have been in the fashion world from past to present, and wrote their discovery stories. A wide list awaits you, from being discovered in the supermarket to those who climb this path.


Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia

Dua Lipa released their new album Future Nostalgia. In harmony with the retro style of the successful singer, the album invites you to a periodical dance floor. Future Nostalgia, which is planned to be released in April, met music lovers two weeks early due to the album’s leak to the internet and the Covid-19 outbreak. The world tour, announced with the album and foreseen as the end of April, has been postponed to a later date.


Best Disney Channel Movies

The channel, Disney Channel, which is the lover of young people in the world with its fun series and movies, has been very popular with its programs that address the age range of 6-13 since 1983. We have listed the best movies of Disney Channel for you. The movies on this list, where you can find beautiful Disney Channel movies, will fulfill your pleasure.



One of the most difficult to repair as well as sensitive on our face is under the eyes. Because the skin under the eyes is very sensitive; When choosing an eye cream we have to pay attention to the correct content. However, it is normal that we want to get quick results because the most striking part of the face is eyes again.


Series, movies and documentaries that you can safely watch on Netflix

During this period when we were at home because of the coronavirus epidemic, we all started watching more television. Of course, children immediately fits this trend. For this reason, we have prepared this list of animations, series and movies that you can watch your children with peace of mind. In this list, there is an educational Netflix series recommendation suitable for children of all ages.


Best 10 Epidemic Series

Most of us spend our time watching TV shows or movies these days when we have to stay at home. But even in doing so, as heartwarming as it may be, we can’t get away from the corona agenda. We’ve shared the best outbreak films with you in recent weeks. This time we have prepared a list of the best outbreak sequences for those wondering about global outbreaks. Here are the best outbreak sequences you’ll ever feel a part of..


Best Hand Creams

Especially these days when you wash your hands too often, use antibacterial fluids and cologne, you may feel your hands need more moisture than ever. We have prepared a comprehensive guide for you to give your hands the necessary importance. From the most effective hand care recommendations to the best moisturiser, anti-aging and anti-stain hand creams, here’s everything you need!


The Best Concert Performances Ever

In history, many artists have experienced this pleasure at the peak of their concerts to thousands of people. We may have missed many famous concert performances in history, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see those moments. Let’s immerse ourselves in the magic of music and live performances in these difficult days, let’s distance ourselves from the reality for a few minutes…


The 5 best dry shampoos

Hair roots can be lubricated during the day due to stress, as well as polluted weather conditions aggravate the hair and cause it to lose vitality. For this reason, we would like to have practical products that save the day with us at any time. We researched the best dry shampoos for every need, which absorb the oil in the hair and give it a clean and fresh look as if it had just been washed.


Vowels In The Coronavirus Process- In TikTok

Coronavirus has affected every continent. However, famous names have consciously quarantined themselves. Celebrities will be bored of Instagram and Twitter at this time when they’re not going out so they wind up on the TikTok app.Some of the names shared videos of the single, while others opted to shoot videos with another celebrity friend.


5 Most Effective Cellulite Creams

There are many methods of defense you can apply against the appearance of orange peel, which occurs when the fat accumulates in the body is unevenly placed under the skin. Cellulite creams are one of the strongest allies to help you in this battle, as well as stopping against cellulite by various methods from changing your eating habits to doing sports, from dry brushing to massage. We selected the 5 most effective care products against cellulite, which reduces the bumpy appearance by activating the skin.


The Best Face Wash gels

City life, air pollution, stress, our skin loses its vitality. At this point, the face wash gels that purify our skin and restore it to its former vitality come into play. This time we chose our favorite wash gels for different skin types, which we use in our daily lives. Remember to leave a comment below on the products you use and are satisfied with.


​ Best BB Cream Suggestions

BB creams, which are the favorite of most of us since entering the world of beauty and makeup, are our indispensable makeup materials. This versatile make-up is ideal for those who want a light and natural-looking skin make-up, especially when hydrating our skin, protecting it from the sun, equalizing skin tone! So, what’S the best BB cream? we are here recently with our favorite BB creams suggestions!


How can you do the lightest and most durable School Makeover?

In this article we talk about how you can make school makeup that is the lightest but resistant to the toughest school days! Early morning alarms, a difficult awakening process, and getting ready quickly and getting on the way to school… here in these tiring and early days, the makeup of the school should be light and durable. We are here with our school makeup tips that will help you prepare fast on your early mornings, but also keep you looking flawless while maintaining your day-long permanence!


Celine Autumn / Winter 2020

What would you say to check out the stunning looks of the Celine Autumn / Winter 2020 fashion show, which takes place at Les Invalides as part of Paris Fashion Week? This is Hedi Slimane’s sixth collection at the iconic fashion house after she took the post from Phoebe Philo. Since taking office, Hedi Slimane has changed the aesthetic of the brand, changing its logo and brand from Céline to CELINE. Here are the highlights from the collection!


Kylie Jenner on Holiday in the Bahamas

Kylie Jenner works hard to maintain her status as the youngest self-made billionaire. But the Kylie Cosmetics mogul still plays just as hard as she works, taking plenty of time for vacation. She showed off her signature curves Saturday as she soaked up some sun in the Bahamas with pal Stassie Karanikolaou and daughter Stormi.


8 Trends That Make ‘ 80s fashion feel to our bones

Looking back, we all know very well that the 1980s had the most dramatic effect. The unforgettable music of the ‘ 80s, the colorful fashion movements, the saltiness and the naivety have left an energetic and entertaining mark in our memories, and its influence is not easily erased even today. That’s exactly why we can’t give up on the ’80s and continue to live through the’ 80s in almost every area today. Brands also see our passion in the 80s and come out with products that reflect the spirit of the 80s. Let’s look at the trends that make us feel the spirit of the 80s today.…


Saint Laurent Autumn / Winter 2020

How about a look at the stunning details of the Saint Laurent Autumn / Winter 2020 fashion show, which takes place as part of Paris Fashion Week? Their varied silhouettes in shades of black, red, green, purple, Yesil and blue were prominent, but one material stood out on the runway: latex. The familiar faces were Kaia Gerber and Adut Akech who walked the catwalk.We take a look at the highlights of the collection presentation!


The Best Hair Care Oils That Will Make Your Hair Look like Cotton

If you have dry, lost energy and worn hair, pamper your hair with extra care oils to apply after your bath routine. Hair care is the most direct way of non-rinsing oils, which add shine and softness to hair strands. In addition, another feature of these products before enjoying the sea or pool oil to your hair when you eat the water to prevent the wires from penetrating the hair wear. We investigated the best 5 care oils from formulas that support hair structure internally with their extra features to products that protect hair against sun rays.


2020 Spring / Summer Fashion

The New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks, which determine the fashion of the season each year, prepare to take their place on the streets after dusting off the catwalks. Paris Fashion Week, which makes the most impact in the fashion world, dominates the trends of the season every year, but New York and London are also the highlights of this season. The 2020 Spring/Summer season trends are on our radar after walking the catwalks and taking to the streets and entering wardrobes without hesitation.


The 5 Best Red Lipsticks To Suit Everyone

If you ask us, our red lipsticks are one of the best lipsticks. Every woman has a red lipstick experience, while some love it enough to use it even in their daily makeup, some save this stunning effect for special situations, and others are distanced because they can’t find a red lipstick for themselves. “Red lipstick” is a special look, and the 7 great red lipsticks we’re going to recommend to you now are successful enough to suit everyone!


Prada Autumn / Winter 2020

One of Milan Fashion Week’s most popular fashion shows was the Prada Autumn / Winter 2020 collection. The designer, Miuccia Prada, certainly doesn’t disappoint. Full of functional silhouettes and artistic detail, this collection offers a multi-purpose wardrobe for the working woman. Here are the dazzling views of the collection!