What is unsalted shampoo?

Unsalted shampoo is called shampoos that do not contain salt and sulfate. Recently, with the growing demand for organic hair care products, unsalted shampoos have also come to plan. It is said that unsalted shampoo moisturizes the hair better and takes care of the scalp. …


Chiara Ferragni Is Pregnant!

Making the announcement via Instagram today, Chiara Ferragni said she and wife Fedez are expecting their second baby. “Our family is growing. Leo is going to be a big brother,” Ferragni wrote, sharing the pregnancy gospel with her fans. May March September 2018, Chiara Ferragni …


7 Classic Movies To Watch On Halloween

Terrible makeup, pumpkins and costumes… Although it doesn’t belong to us, we decided to include the movies that will be watched during Halloween Week, which we have adopted a lot. In fact, most of these movies that we’re all familiar with are referred to in America as “Halloween classics.” We have listed 7 different movies for you, some of which are terrible, some of which are funny! You’ll love these movies that will make you feel the Halloween spirit!


Les Benjamins x Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola and Istanbul-based luxury streetwear brand Les Benjamins are teaming up for a global collaboration. Bünyamin Aydın, founder and creative director of Les Benjamins, Coca-Cola’s first Turkish brand, draws inspiration from the football fashion of the 1980s and 1990s for the Les Benjamins x Coca-Cola collection.


Vans X The Simpsons

The television series The Simpsons, which brings an entertaining look at suburban family life, has been a staple of pop culture for more than 30 years. This season, Vans is honoring The Simpsons with its collection of shoes, textiles and accessories that reflect iconic moments from the historic series.


How To Make Bright Skin Makeup?

The rising trend of recent times: how to make radiant, bright and bright skin makeup we tell step by step! Bright skin appearance means bright, moist and healthy glowing skin. It’s time to put this makeup trend, which has been rising rapidly lately, on the table! We’ve put together all the makeup tips and makeup recommendations you need to know to get rid of the pale look and make your skin look healthier, vibrant, energetic and shiny. Here’s everything you need to know for bright skin makeup!


Eyebrow Models Suitable For Face Types

The key to a flawless face frame is to find the right eyebrow shape according to your face… your eyebrows, which you will shape according to the face Line, are your most important accessory. Find the most suitable model for yourself by examining eyebrow models according to different face shapes, meet the most effective eyebrow products and learn the secrets of getting the right eyebrow.


How To Apply Permanent Nail Polish At Home?

Permanent nail polish, whose name we have often heard recently, has stolen the hearts of all of us with its practical use. These nail polish, which does not deteriorate, does not come out and does not peel; every few days, it runs to the help of those who are tired of renewing nail polish. Currently, many hairdressers and beauty centers provide permanent nail polish services. Of course, the only way to use permanent nail polish is not to go to hairdressers or beauty salons. If you want, you can also apply permanent nail polish at home at very affordable prices.


How To Make Eye-Catching Makeup?

A bright complexion, lifting effective eyelashes, intensely colored lips and dazzling sparkle: we tell you step by step how to make eye-catching makeup! When we do make-up, we all aim to be more beautiful and attention-grabbing than we are, it’s a fact. So, do you know what to look out for when you’re wearing a remarkable makeup? First, you should know that you can achieve a much more natural result by focusing on the main areas instead of using ambitious products at every step of your makeup and highlighting every point on your face. Bringing eyes, lips, skin makeup to the fore at the same time can give an exaggerated result. Here’s how to make remarkable makeup for this, we tell you step by step!


Most Iconic Piece Of All Time: Trench Coat

When autumn comes, the first thing that comes to mind is the outerwear trench coat. A successful businesswoman, a world-famous star, a college student preparing for exams or a housewife mother… He’s managed to be a part of the combinations of every kind of woman we can see on people from almost every segment. a kind of outerwear that has never gone out of fashion from the past to the present.


Fall’s Indispensable: Sweatshirts

Recently, sweatshirts, which are usually preferred by those who like to dress comfortably, have become one of the key parts of looking cool with a different combination. In fact, it’s one of the most stylish clothes in recent years. offering comfort and elegance at the same time, this attractive piece attracts attention with its easy keeping up with different clothing trends recently. Sweatshirts that change form every season in different cuts and different molds can also be easily combined with parts that fit any environment.